Our legal services concentrate on immigration law and nationality issues, including obtaining green cards, deportation defense, immigration court representation, obtaining U.S. citizenship, immigration waivers, as well as business, work, and student visas.  In addition, as a full-service law firm, we also offer representation for a wide variety of legal matters including family law and divorce cases, criminal defense, as well as tax preparation and issue resolution. If you are considering our firm, please contact us for your FREE telephonic case evaluation so we can discuss your legal matter and determine whether we are the right fit for your situation.


docEach divorce situation is unique, so our family law attorneys advise our clients based on their particular situation.  Some divorce clients wish to protect their assets or parental rights, while others want to secure child custody rights to allow for flexible child visitation schedule. Others may seek sole physical and legal custody to protect the child from a harmful influence.

Divorce clients with no child custody issues may simply seek alimony and a fair distribution of marital property so they can securely start a new life.

The divorce process is complicated and often emotionally draining.  Our family law attorneys use their professional skills to counsel our clients, and address legal and financial concerns. Throughout the divorce process, we will explain the tax consequences of the divorce, the valuation of an existing business, pensions and 401k plans, whether a professional license is a part of the marital property, and whether a spouse's consent is necessary to obtain a divorce. In addition, they can discuss what solution is in the best interest of any children involved, and help you achieve that situation.


We can provide advice and representation on obtaining a visa or your U.S. citizenship. Whether you need help regarding I-9 audits, immigration appeals, naturalization, or visa petitions, we are experienced in handling a wide variety of immigration and nationality law cases.


We offer tax preparation and tax resolution services to our clients. Our qualified attorneys and tax preparers offer complete tax support to our clients all year long, and will perform a full tax assessment and suggest tax reduction strategies.


We can assist your business by providing advice and representation for contract negotiations and contract reviews, business organization, and how to minimize the chances of worker's compensation insurance audit.


In criminal matters, immigrants require special attention because legal decisions often have consequences on their immigration status. All of our attorneys are immigration attorneys in addition totheir other areas of practice. Therefore, they are aware of thepitfalls and potential problems legal and illegal immigrants alikemay encounter during legal proceedings.

This is particularly important for criminal law and family law cases. In criminal matters, certain charges, pleas, and criminal records may negatively affect an immigrant's status. In some cases, it may result in loss of a greencard and legal status altogether.

Similarly, immigration knowledge is essential for family law cases. For example, "good moral character" is one of the requirements for U.S. citizenship, so failure to pay child support may jeopardize an immigration application.

We are experienced in recognizing these issues to avoid costly mistakes that might negatively affect the immigration interests of our clients.

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